Wrap-up: The state of our hydrology today in the Colorado River Basin

In this final installment of the Western Water 101 series we’ll turn our attention to current events to draw together some of the topics and themes we’ve explored over the course of the series. With the extremely dry conditions throughout the West, TU’s work—from on-the-ground projects to legislative advocacy and agency collaboration—is more important than ever. The current drought crisis in the region draws together many of the themes discussed over the … Read more

Working for legislative change

Along with the on-the-ground project work and agency relationship-building we focused on in the last two posts, TU also works for legislative change that improves habitat, provides tools to respond to drought, preserves a thriving agricultural economy and works toward water security in the West. One of the legislative vehicles through which we work is … Read more

Episode Four

How our research advocates for change in the bureau of reclamation

In this episode, we’ll talk about how Trout Unlimited works with federal agencies to ensure that the projects they authorize and fund include projects that provide environmental uplift, increase water security and help answer the perpetual question of how best to use the West’s water resources in the twenty-first century. TU staff work with federal … Read more

Flipping the system

In our last episode we explored how the management of water in the West has changed over the past few decades from a climate of conflict to one of collaboration and innovation. In this quest for increased water security, improved fish and wildlife habitat and the inclusion of diverse stakeholders in the decision-making process, TU’s … Read more

From conflict to collaboration

Since the mid-nineteenth century, the central question of the American West has been:  How much water is there in the region, and how do we best use it?  This question has been a topic of debate for more than the past 150 years, and we’re still trying to answer it now in the twenty-first century. … Read more

Introduction to western water

Welcome to the first installment in a series of podcasts about water in the West. Join us on a tour through the history of the West’s water systems and major rivers, as we navigate the challenges of drought and water-scarcity facing the region. We’ll also explore Trout Unlimited’s leadership in finding innovative solutions to long-standing … Read more